Excelerated Consulting has developed a suite of TM1 training courses that are fully customised to meet the specific needs of Government customers and tailored to support the government financial management process. 


We have a dedicated training facility located in Manuka with scheduled public training courses run every month and customised training courses for up to 10 people are available. Materials can be customised to individual agency requirements. Contact us for more information.

TM1 / Planning Analytics COURSES


This two-day advanced course expands on the foundation skills introduced in the Developer Course and will extend their skills to cover TM1 rules, TurboIntegrator (TI) processes and Action Buttons.


This one day course will discuss the operation and maintenance of the TM1 Server, including performing system administration functions, managing the server, setting up the security functions, backing out and recovering transactions.


The focus of CDM (Cognos Disclosure Management) Fundamentals is to teach users how to build templates which can be used to automate the production of documents combining text and numeric content. 


This one day pre-requisite course will discuss the basic structure of TM1, and review the functionality of TM1 in a hands-on environment. Its objective is to give a good basic understanding of TM1 and its capabilities. 


This one day course is intended for TM1 users who have completed End User training and wish to expand their TM1 skills further by learning how to get the most out of TM1 through reporting in Excel. 


This one day course is intended for TM1 users who have completed End User training and have a good understanding of TM1 functionality that wish to expand on the design and use of TM1 cubes to perform specific reporting and analysis functions.

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