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IBM Cognos TM1 / Planning Analytics is the foundation stone of the IBM Cognos  platform and provides a multi-dimensional environment for:

  • Budgeting / Planning

  • Forecasting

  • Reporting and Analysis

  • Scorecarding

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GEUS has been developed by Excelerated Consulting to satisfy the external budgeting and reporting needs of government agencies. GEUS is an easy to use, automated system that saves considerable time and resources for agencies required to submit budget and actual data.

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CDM automates the process of collecting, preparing, validating, controlling and generating internal and external reports that merge financial and other numeric data with narrative analysis.

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Pulse for TM1 has been developed to assist in administration and management of TM1 systems.

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Cubewise CANVAS is a web development framework built upon the TM1 REST API and delivers a modern READ/WRITE presentation layer to your TM1 applications. This new presentation layer for TM1, has been built by TM1 developers for TM1 developers and enables you to build upon your existing TM1 knowledge, a web based TM1 planning and reporting application that goes well beyond the limitations of TM1 Web.

IBM TM1 / Planning Analytics

Key product features include:

Simultaneous multi-user access to a central multi-dimensional database

  • Calculations are performed in RAM

  • Data is stored in a multi-dimensional cube format, with real-time data update

  • True "client - server' architecture

  • Reports are fully integrated with either Microsoft Excel or the internet, with dynamic links to TM1

  • Fully featured Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool for importing and exporting data

  • Supports replication for off-line or remote usage

  • Ability to store financial, non-financial and text based data

  • Powerful forecasting and modelling capability using TM1 rules language

  • Dimensions and rules are held separately from the data and are easy to maintain

  • Transaction drill through to source systems i.e relational databases

  • The multi-dimensional environment eliminates the need to save data in multiple linked spreadsheets

  • Most users are proficient after one day of training

  • TM1 complies with Microsoft OLE DB for OLAP standards.

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IBM Cognos TM1

Simplifying External Budgeting and Reporting

The Government Estimates Update System (GEUS) satisfies the external budgeting and reporting requirements of Commonwealth government agencies. It is an intuitive solution that saves considerable time for agencies that submit budget and actual information to the Central Budget Management System (CBMS).

GEUS is a specialised IBM TM1 / Planning Analytics module within Excelerated Consulting's suite of government budgeting and reporting tools

GEUS includes five separate functional modules:

  • The GEUS Annual Estimates Module

  • The GEUS Monthly Estimates Module

  • The GEUS Monthly Actuals Module

  • The GEUS Annual Actuals Module

  • The GEUS Government Budget Publications Module




Certent Disclosure Management (CDM) automates the process of collecting, preparing, validating, controlling and generating internal and external reports that merge financial and other numeric data with narrative analysis.

CDM is currently being used at various client sites to generate Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) and Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements (PAES).

CDM report production management will:

  • Reduce the burden of data collection and report assembly

  • Focus your effort on data analysis

  • Massively reduce the total workload for your reporting team

  • Enable complete confidence in the accuracy of the data

  • Ensure that as data or test is updated, it is immediately reflected in reports

  • Make the whole process much more transparent and controlled

Cognos Disclosure Management
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