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What's new in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace?

IBM have recently released Planning Analytics Workspace v2.0.89

see what's new here: What's new in PAW

What is Planning Analytics Workspace?

IBM® Planning Analytics Workspace is a web-based interface for IBM Planning Analytics. It provides an interface to TM1® data, with ways to plan, create, and analyze your content.

Get started with Panning Analytics Workspace

The IBM Planning Analytics Workspace software is accessed in the cloud and as part of the IBM Planning Analytics Local software on premises.

Work in books and views

Books contain related data in the form of views, websheets, scorecards, visualizations, graphics, videos, and embedded web pages. Views are defined selections of a cube that are used for analysis, exploration, and data entry.

Model in Planning Analytics Workspace

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace includes a modeling environment that you can use to model user data with cubes, dimensions, hierarchies, attributes, and security for IBM Planning Analytics.

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